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 OC Signups

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PostSubject: OC Signups   July 17th 2014, 6:12 pm

If you wish to apply for an OC, please fill out the following forum here. You will be checked, and you will be evaluated on how well researched your OC is, how the personality matches the ethnicity of the peoples and how detailed it is.

NOTE, if you ALREADY have a OC on DeviantART and you do NOT wish to copy and paste it over, LINK it here in this format:

[url=URL HERE](OC NAME HERE)[/url]

Here's the application you must fill out:

Country Name: (Your Country Name. Change if NOT a Country)
Human Name: (Your Human Name)
Age: (Your PHYSICAL Age of your nation)
UN Recognized: (Place the NUMBER of Nations that Reognize this country. If your nation is recognized by everyone put "Entire World")
Birthday: (Foundation Dates, Independence Dates) (YEAR it was found.)
Personality: (1 Paragraph at Max on how your character is like)
Appearance: (1 Paragraph on your appearance of the char)
Bio: (Optional, but gives a greater chance to be accepted. 2 Paragraphs at Max on your character)
Likes: (REALISTIC likes. 10 Max.)
Dislikes: (REALISTIC dislikes. 10 Max.)

Do you agree that if you are rejected, you will not attempt to complain or spam the site?: (Yes or No)
Do you agree if that if your character is called a Mary-Sue or a Gary-Stu, it doesn't mean you are a bad person, but your character needs major improvement?: (Yes or No)
Do you agree to cookies? (Yes or Fuck yeah.)

It's so werid! Belgium is American and Switzerland is Belgian!
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OC Signups
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