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This RP is based on the Hetalia series, who are created by Hidekaz Himaruya. You can be one of the many countries, but you also can be someone who lives at their place. You're free to decide!

Just in case if you don't know what Hetalia is:
Hetalia is a serie that follows the adventures of anthropomorphic countries as they live through historical events and interact with focus on differences in culture and positive and negative Japanese stereotypes of other countries.

At this RP-forum, you can make a choice between some options.
Being a country
- If you want to be a country, you can be one with an official design, or you can be your own Hetalia-oc. Remember that you have to stay as close to the character as possible - I guess we don't want a Prussia who has almost Japan's personality. If you use a country who hasn't an official design you can be your oc, as long as the country isn't taken already. Don't forget there can't be two characters that are exactly the same (two Italy's for example).
- Nyotalia characters are also allowed. It doesn't matter if the "original" country is already taken, as long as there won't be 2 Female!Russia's or something.
- 2p!characters are allowed.
- Werewolves, demons, vampires et cetera are NOT allowed. Why? Because this forum is meant to stay as close to the real world as possible.
Being a "normal" person
 You also can choose to be a person who isn't a nation at all. In that case, you have a lot of possibilities. You are completely free to create a character - from an oc to a non-Hetalia character. As long as they don't use magic or anything, you can do whatever you want! (as long as they're human and not against the rules)

Though this is a Hetalia RP-forum, we have rules. It's just to keep the site fun for everyone!

Bullying, discrimination and inappropriate language are forbidden. 
By offending this rule multiple times, you can get banned. Any homophobia is an automatic permanent ban. We are extremely strict about homophobia on this forum.

No 18+ material.
This means no violent and/or sexual pictures/clips. Not everyone on this site is older then 18. Don't forget there can be young Hetalia fans too! Plus, not everyone likes to see hentai everywhere. If you really want to type things rated 18+, please do this via PM.

No rape.
Even not with permission from the victim. Handle this kind of things via PM.

Yaoi and yuri are allowed.
As long as it doesn't go too far, yaoi and yuri are allowed. Just keep it PG-13 on the forums. If you really want to do things rated 18+, please do this via PM. This also applies to Hetero.

Humans and countries can't be paired.
Don't forget that emotional episode from The Beautiful World with France and Joan d'Arc. Countries will practically live forever, and humans won't. I'm not saying time will go fast in this RP, but still. Humans and countries as pairings aren't allowed.

No advertisement in posts and/or your signature.
If you want to advertise your site, please do this in the forum that's made for this.

This is not 100% Hetalia.
The family of your characters stays the same as in the series, but your friends, enemies and relationship can be different. By example, your character can be the best friends with another country in the RP, but in the series they can be the worst enemies.

To get to the point, only your character's personality (as far as possible) and their family stay the same.

Note: This is basic though. Of course you can discuss with the other members if your and their country can have the same relationship here as they have in the series.

A maximum of 12 accounts
You may have a maximum of 12 accounts. No excuses. Having too many accounts is already enough trouble for many sites, and here shall not be one of them. If you drop a character, you may let us know in PM or on thread that you won't be the character anymore, and we'll delete it for you unless you change their name. Also, keep them active. If you can't, you can give them away. However, it's recommended you change your password for security reasons if you are giving your old inactive account. Think of a simple password then, without revealing your secure password!

At least post three sentences in the RP-topics.
Three sentences. I guess that won't be that hard, right?

If roleplaying a real life leader, please read the guidelines
If you want to roleplay Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin in the World of Hetalia, that is fine, just as long as they are not like the real life ones in the Political World, and are based loosely off their personal lives, and picture, not their politics. Failing the Leader guidelines might result in a ban.

Please put a warning if your topic is not English or Dutch.
By default, our forum language is English and Dutch. However, almost all of our topics are in English (with only one at the moment in Dutch). If you are making a topic in a different language, please let us know by putting a tag (for example: Lotuses and Paddles [Vietnamese] or Oil Fields [Kazakh]) and a small warning disclaimer before you put your post up. Some of us can't speak French or Chinese or any other language, and it can get very bothersome.

Chatbox is for OOC purposes only.
We do not use the Chatbox to roleplay, rather, use the forums to roleplay. There is no need to use parenthesizes or brackets to cover your posts. Failing this rule, will result in your chatbox privileges being revoked. If you wish to be a Chatbox mod, please PM Belgium or Switzerland. Do not beg, we will ask you a few questions before you become one.

The Reputation system to the left of you is used mainly for character appreciation in a thread. If you really like the character, give them a +. If you do not like how the character is roleplaying, give them a -.


We all know that the world leaders are the bosses of the nations, however, here's some rules how to use them.

  1. They must not agree with real world views on controversial issues. For example, Vladimir Putin on here may not like anything negativly that the real Putin had imposed (Homosexuality bill, etc).
  2. The bosses represent the leader's personal life, not political life.
  3. Our headcanon: Leaders of Hetalia do not approve of the real life leaders' bad decisions. So Assad would not agree with Real Assad's use of Chemical Weapons in Syria.
  4. The leaders should be put into your own taste of what you think a perfect stereotype would be. However, don't get racist. Obama can be a gentleman like he always is in real life, but when he wouldn't be trustworthy in promises.

Before press accept, you must also agree to these terms:

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